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If you’re struggling to gain your disability compensation, you need a Social Security attorney to help you. You can count on Martin R. Cohen, Attorney at Law, for aid. Every Social Security lawyer on our staff is 100 percent qualified to help you figure out your options and take the next steps you need to advance your case. If you’re on the lookout for a Social Security disability lawyer, look no further than our office.

We Help You Get Results

Many people hesitate to file for Social Security disability because they don’t understand the process or feel they will only be denied the benefits they deserve. Social Security forms can be overwhelming and require meticulous attention to detail and documentation to ensure you are approved as quickly as possible.

We understand the disability filing process can be confusing. Our disability lawyer team is not only well informed and professional, but friendly and compassionate. Our Social Security law firm is knowledgeable about what it takes and what you’ll need to file, and we’re dedicated to helping you through every step of the process. Our Social Security lawyer in Portland will provide the assistance necessary to ensure you get the results you deserve without having to go through a lengthy appeals process.

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Collect work history information which may be critical to issues of transferability of skills.

Advise on the law about Social Security and SSI disability eligibility.

Work with the medical providers to get the detailed information I will need to prove eligibility.

Compare your illnesses to the Regulations and Rulings that determine whether a medical condition qualifies for disability benefits. I will present the claim in that context.

Advise on issues that may impact SSI eligibility.