How We Help

I find greater advantage in helping my clients before the initial application stage of the claim. Experience shows that the earlier I can work with my clients on the importance of proper evidence and medical treatment the greater the chance of early success.

Currently, it can take more than 18 months to win a disability claim. About 65% are denied at the initial application, and upwards of 80% at the second, or “reconsideration” stage. However, experienced practitioners working with prepared clients win some cases at each of these levels every month!

I can work with you before the application is filed by explaining the law and the issues presented by their medical problems, age, education and work experience. By teaching my clients what evidence Social Security will want regarding their particular medical and vocational issues we can work together to prove the claim more quickly. My skills in pulling together all the needed information may eliminate months of stress for you. This can speed payments and insurance benefits to people who need them the most.

Here’s what I will do:

  • Advise on the law about Social Security and SSI disability eligibility.
  • Compare your illnesses to the Regulations and Rulings that determine whether a medical condition qualifies for disability benefits. I will present the claim in that context.
  • Advise on issues that may impact SSI eligibility.
  • Work with the medical providers to get the detailed information I will need to prove eligibility.
  • Collect work history information which may be critical to issues of transferability of skills.

In addition, some of the documents sent to the claimant at the outset of the process are critical. In particular, the Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire can destroy a strong claim if it is not carefully completed. I review these answers for our clients before the form is sent to the DDS.

I believe it is wise to have legal help from the beginning. Fees are set by statute so clients do not pay more if I am involved longer. There is never a charge for an initial consultation with my office.

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